2009.04.27 Monday

To the light of love...
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2008.12.01 Monday
2009年 丑年のラッキーカラーは






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2008.11.18 Tuesday
Cut, if need be, through thick briars,
Knots of brambles, tangled thorns,
For th path that's yours to follow
Nust be trodden to the end

Empress Shoken

Never tune aside from the road that your convictions tell you to follow,what ever obstacles you must surmount on the way.
Be true to yourself

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2008.07.08 Tuesday

It is significant to all.
It is a message that happening to your surroundings happily leads you.
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2008.06.27 Friday
Nothing bad ever happens to someone that always smiles.

A Smiling face is the passport to go to the world of happiness. So, people that have smiling faces can not go down the path of unhappiness. But, people who always frown, have the passport that goes to the world of unhappiness. So everything that they do turns into a failure. So they can not become happy. But you are OK! Your smiling face will take you to the happiest of places!
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2008.06.19 Thursday

When you light up a humans soul ,you receive the same warmth in your own heart. Wouldn’t you say that humans can’t live without love ?

The happiest thing a person can experience is looking at a person’s smiling face.
From watching a person smile, my soul blooms brightly like a flourishing flower.
Wouldn’t it be great if the hearts of all people was filled with the flower of Love.
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2008.06.06 Friday
When you hear some good news, take action. Take action now.

When you hear something good, take action. No matter how simple the advice is , there are some people that state; “That’s too hard to do”. There are some people like this that have no desire at all, but if you’re not going to take the simple advice, you shouldn’t have asked in the first place. You first start with simple things. That is the best thing for you. First,
let's say Tsuiteru,Tsuiteru.
”Tsuiteru” = ”Lucky” (this word has a good undulation)
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2008.06.01 Sunday

The things that are happening now are my chances for me to succeed.

People are faced with many happenings in their lives and if you think about these “happenings” you can realize that these “happenings” are good opportunities. Please think of every incident as a chance for me to succeed. What ever happens always think of it as a chance .Never think that there are problematic incidents. Negative thoughts bring negative incidents. Please be sure not to change your chances to problems.
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2008.05.20 Tuesday
Having a smiling face , Speaking words with love, all benefit you.

Is that smile for everyone? That word with love is for whom? Everybody likes people who have a smiling face . Everybody likes the person who speaks a word with love? But, in the lives of human beings there are so many people who are suffering because they think they can not do certain things. Please continue to speak words with love forever. God will give you a present.
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2008.05.17 Saturday
If you don’t do the things you want to do now, it will never be done.

Everybody has something that they want to do, don’t they?
Even if you can’t do it now, for example, “I want to travel around Europe “ At times like these please look at even catalogs of Europe.
Surprising things will happen. If you want to do a new job, please start to make plans for it now. Unexpected wonders will happen.
If you want to buy a present to give to your precious someone, but you don’t have money for that, please tell them about your thoughts. Fabulous things will happen.
Please do things that you can do now, right now. You can even start with small things. It is ok if it is small. You will get a big present in return .

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