2015.12.31 Thursday


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2015.12.31 Thursday


Your talent and power is quite exceptional but is not always easy to handle. A strong base is needed to support your energy and drive. Discipline, intention and love are needed to achieve things with a feeling of peace and accomplishment.
Your personal color resonates with gratitude and humility. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Brittany Blue helps dissolve the line s of separation and loneliness that people sometimes feel. It reminds you to appreciate your gifts and helps you feel connected to the world.

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2015.12.30 Wednesday


Your ability to make people stand up and take notice is one of your many gifts. You are able to convey ideas and opinions to the masses. Communicating life’s truths is one of your many pleasures. Unique and colorful, people don’t often forget you once they have met you. Your verbal agility is quite rare.
Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the color Sunburn helps you channel the creative and sensitive side of your personality in a healthy and balanced manner.

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2015.12.30 Wednesday


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2015.12.29 Tuesday


Talented and versatile, you are a great entertainer. Your natural spunk makes you a favorite at any social function. Although you can appear outgoing to others, you are also very sensitive with a need to retreat and re-energize. The challenge of having two very different qualities to your personality can at times feel overwhelming. The desire to be alone, coupled with the need for a mate, is another challenge you some timed face.
Your personal color helps you step forward with confidence. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Purple Haze allows you to join with another person without the fear of losing your individuality.

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